Medical Consult services

Dr Badlou as CEO of BBARint is offering his (non-)Medical Consultative services about

  1. Medical advisory works for Pharmaceutical and Blood banks
  2. Second opinion over Medical Health issues and problems
  3. Consult exporting of Medical products to/from Middle East Countries
  4. Advisory services during exporting/ importing of (non-)Medical & Clinical products
  5. Translation and 'help to close contracts quicker' during  cultural miscommunications 
  6. Accepting Distributorship of all (non-)Medical  Companies (European/Middle East) who are willing to Export/import products from/to European countries and/or vice versa 
  7. Helping Academic Hospitals' Mangers to implement their Platelets and PRP Technologies
  8. Building profitable bridges and creating new clients for your products
  9. Specific Medical Consult to facilitate Humanitarian helps in mutual ways

Medical Consultancy Services for Export Excl. VAT

Prijs: 5000,00 EUR
- Medical Consult service and/or Helping to Export/Import's fee for the first appointment would be based on the request(s).