Persian Academic Hospital for Platelets

16. jun, 2016

BBAdvies and Research in a collaboration with differnt Persian organisations is busy with building a novel Academic Hospital for Platelets and PRP Technologies in Iran (AHPI). All insurance and Medicade and Medicade should be adjusted to this Novel Idea. Dr Badlou has proposed that based on the different epidemiological studies the most hematooncological diseases are related to platelets related disorders, however. Hence, almost all cancer treatments strategies do not work i.e. Chemothrapies, Radiothrapies, etc. etc. they are not effective enough to prevent patient's mortality and morbidity for more than 5 years.

9. mei, 2016

BBARint and 4HB bv are going to export diet supplement of the Dutch Company Bloem to Iran and Middle East Countries. All request for collaboration is welcome.