Dr Badlou Commentary paper Publication Oct 2017

Dr Badlou was invited to write an editorial and /or Commentary paper about Blood Transfusion and Disorders in the Journal 'Archives of Blood Transfusion & Disorders (ABTD) 2017'. Dr Badlou's paper was accepted for publication.

New Collaboration 2017

BBAdvies and Research Company has signed new collaboration contract with Van Helden from Sep 2017. Both Companies have common interests to offer different (non) Medical Consult services to export/import products from EU- to the Middle East countries.

June2017 Cord blood projects

BBAdvies and Research started new project to offer Cord blood isolation, processing and storage facilities to diverse Clients.

Storage Science

Recently, Dr. Badlou has some meeting about Storage Science and Transfer of Knowledge to diverse Medical Institute and hospitals in Tehran, Iran. Now a day, novel technologies might help patients with significant organ damages cured from their diseases by transplantation of relevant stem cells from different origin. Although Isolation, Processing and Storage Science (IPSS) of aforementioned approaches is in the preliminary stages. Team of BBAdvies and Research consist of leaders in the IPSS offer Medical Consultative Services for Humanitarian help to the different clients, on demand-supply basis.  


Recent data published in the Medscape 2017 show that using different immunotherapy and  hematooncologic related drugs have significant side effects on platelets, and result in thrombocytopenia, neutropenia and anemia in the multiple myeloma, and different cancer patients.Now a day 10% of cancer patients even become 'hyperprogressive' after immunotherapies (Medscape TOP 10 data 2017).

Our advice would be get a platelets' man who is specialized in pathophysiological effects of cancer treatments. Our medical consult is ' please stop old fashion treatments' and get platelets' specialist in house. Try to use new equipment that help treating physicians get better insight to treat hematooncological patients. Stop old fashion thinking and medical courses, immediately.   

Dr Bahram Alamdary Badlou new Book online about Platelets 2016

BBAdvies and Research team collaborates to build an Academic Hospital for platelets in Iran

8. dec, 2016

New Books Dr Badlou published

Two new books of Dr Bahram Alamdary Badlou is published after 10 years hard study works from bench to bed about Heart Failure and Platelets in Health and Diseases. 1. https://www.morebooks.de/store/gb/book/insulin-effects-on-heart-and-heart-failure/isbn/978-3-659-87630-1 and 2.https://www.morebooks.de/store/gb/book/platelets-in-health-and-diseases/isbn/978-3-659-85606-8

2. dec, 2016

BBARINT team tijdens Oranjemissie Fonds 2016

Dr Badlou and Dr Rezaee during Oranje Handel Missie 2016 in Schiphol, Amsterdam talked with different parties for Export ambitions to The Middle East Countries i.e. Iran

24. nov, 2016

Medica 2016 Germany

Dr Badlou with his team (BBARint) participated in the Medica 2016 in Germany.

15. sep, 2016

Platelets Meeting Tehran 15 Sep2016

Dr Badlou as invited Speaker 15 Sep 2016 in Moavenat Fanavari Riyasat Jomhori, Ladan street no. 21 Tehran, Iran had a lecture about Building An Academic Hospital Platelets and PRP Technologies, short/ and longterm Courses about Platelets in Health and Diseases in Iran.

1. sep, 2016

15 sep 2016 Invited Speaker

Dr Badlou as CEO of BBAR international is invited to Iran for a Lecture about his Novel Idea to build an Academic Hospital for Platelets and PRP Technologies. The aim of this talk would be more focused on cooperative and collaborative Novel projects between Persians' and The Netherlands´Companies i.e. BBAdvies and Research (BBARint) and Bio-Clinica.

23. aug, 2016

New contracts

Also as Health Consulent Dr Badlou is consulting in a collaboration with Travel Agency Adak Parvaz Arg, Tehran 'Trips for Tourists' who are going for Medicare and Medicure to Iran. Such 'Medicure and Medicare Trips' contain all inclusive travel to Tehran, Iran.

23. aug, 2016

Collaboration and Cooperations 2016

Dr Badlou (CEO) BBAdvies and Research signed different collaboration and cooperation contracts with Persian Companies Khoshgovar Abr Iranian and Linosh Tak from Tehran, Iran, who are producers of original classic Health products.

10. jun, 2016

Registration Persian Platelets Society

After years market research Dr Badlou in a collaboration with Persian Medici starts a Persian Platelets Society to consult and help patients locally.

1. jun, 2016

International Platelets Institute in ARAS-Iran

BBAR international is collaborating with Persian Medical Companies to open a new office in free-zone of Aras-Iran. The Company's main activities will be focused on both 1. humanitarian help and Medical Consult and 2. Helping import and export of (non-)Medical Devices, disposables, and Laboratory Machines to Iran.

2. mei, 2016

Dr Bahram Alamdary Badlou leads the projects around building an Academic Hospital for Platelets-related diseases

From 2015 Dr Badlou is busy to build an Academic Hospital for Platelets-related diseases and centralize all Hematooncological diseases in one department. This novel idea from Dr Bahram Alamdary Badlou would help better patients with bleeding disorders.

2. mei, 2016

Dr Badlou published two new books in Germany

One book is about ' platelets in Health and Diseases' and another book is about ' effects of insulin on heart and heart failure' 2016.


3. mrt, 2016

3 march

Dr Badlou started international export of (non-) Medical Diet Supplements to Iran

3. mrt, 2016

12. feb, 2016

Dr Badlou Came back from Iran. The novel business plan is to start a new Academic Hospital for Platelets. Dr Badlou will write and lead the project.

28. okt, 2015

BBAdvies and Reserach and BBARint in Medica 2015

BBAdvies and Reserach and BBARint CEO Dr Bahram A. Badlou, and visit Medica 2015, Germany to talk with potential International partners for mutual Export/Import activities and collaboration on non-medical products.

27. okt, 2015

Collaboration BBAdvies and Research 2015

Dr Badlou (CEO) of BBAdvies and Research is now collaborating with 4HealthyBody for online and offline distribution of non-Medical products i.e. Food Supplements, medical devices, skincare products world widely.

27. okt, 2015


Dr Bahram Alamdary Badlou (CEO) has registered new company for International export and import of non-medical products and called BBARinternational (BBARint). Homepage is http://bbarint.nl and is located in Zeist, The Netherlands.

27. okt, 2015

BBARint bv. will export Dutch nonmedical products

BBARint bv. is busy with registrations and signing different legal documents and contracts to export Dutch non-Medical products. Dr Badlou as a CEO of BBARint is trying to get new clients and distributors for BBARint non-Medical Dutch Products world widely. Furthermore, BBARint is now collaborating with 4HealthyBody's CEO mr Frits Touw.