BBAdvies and Research (BBARint) in 2017


Dr Bahram A. Badlou Hematology specialist started BBAdvies and Research international (BBARint)team on 2010, and officially is busy with Medical Consult Service, Second Opinion case studies, Periodical health-checkups, advisory about different products concerning Platelets, PRP technologies, Stem cells detection and localization projects, Healthy Ageing-related vitamines in health and diseases, Nanotechnology and Biotechnological approaches in Medicine, ICU and Thrombocytopenia, Medicade and Medicare, Clinical and/or Laboratory Products i.e. Blood cells qualification and quantification Technologies.

Beside the BBARint team collaborating with different Govermental and private sector Companies to Export and Import of Dutch and European Medical devices and products to the Middle East Countries. The BBARint will lead and accompany different Dutch companies also for humanitarian help, who are going to export their Medical devices and products to the Middle East Countries.

If you need more details information over all (non-)medical Consult and Export activities please do not hesitate and call me at my office +31302211328 daily between 9-1800 hrs and/or e-mail me at  

BBAdvies and Research participation in the selection of Dutch Company of Year 2016